About G Baines Horseboxes
quality coachbuilt horseboxes.

Horse Box - Washroom Horse Box – Interior

G.Baines horseboxes have been established for over thirty years and with this much experience comes an intimate knowledge of horseboxes and the horsebox customer, and because of this we strive to produce only the very best in build quality and design. Here at G.Baines horseboxes we know that the safety of your horses and the comfort of your guests are of paramount importance which is why we take every attention to detail into account, whether that be the colour of the paint or the material of the upholstry both of which can be chosen by the customer from an extensive range of choices.

Our higher specification horseboxes come with addition of the full tilt cab which can be installed upon request and comes with a 100% leak free guarantee something we think you will find nowhere else.

With regards to our non-hgv a major concern throughout the equine world is the weight restriction issue which we feel we have addressed and our 7.5 ton horseboxes come with a healthy payload which will allow the customer to carry the alotted amount of horses and equipment without any worries about being overweight.

All our hoursboxes come with a choice of living accomodation from a simple day living setup to a fully equipped luxurious space with all the accoutrements of a five star hotel.

The horse area has been designed with the safety and comfort of your horses in mind and to that end it has very clean lines with no protruding parts because we understand how much damage could be done to a thoroughbred horse from a rogue protruding screw or a badly designed blanket rack, and this we feel makes for a very safe horsebox for what is form without function?The exterior of our horseboxes are made from your choice of aluminium or G.R.P. Also available withing our range is a very spacious underfloor storage towards the front of the horsebox which will alleviate all those storage worries.

To summarise, our horseboxes stand the test of time and ones we have built over twenty years ago are still going strong so when you buy a G.Baines horsebox you are getting style comfort and longevity.